We use it for dusting our garden to control chewing bugs, our chickens (dusting box) to control mites and pests, around the foundation of the house to control earwigs/roaches/ants from entering the house, dust the bedding of newborn rescue kittens that can not be “flea-treated” with grown-up cat chemicals…..and so on. Diatomaceous Earth is harmless to chickens but is made up of the crushed shells of prehistoric sea creatures. If you offer it in the coop, then you’re golden. As chicken keepers, we like to think that we are doing the best we can for our girls, however, there is often more we can do to prevent health issues. Here’s how to use diatomaceous earth in your coop and why it keeps chickens healthy.” duration=”417″ uploaddate=”2019-08-21 17:18:33″ thumbnailurl=”//cdn.brid.tv/live/partners/14575/thumb/453660_t_1566407583.png”], Table of Contents (Quickly Jump To Information). Diatomaceous earth is one of the most harmless and natural means to treat worms in chickens. I’d love to hear if you have reasons to disagree with her take or if maybe this is news to you too? I found when I offered a box with diatomaceous earth alone, the chickens looked at me like I’d grown a second head, and they didn’t use it. And why wouldn’t they? Chicken lovers simply sprinkle diatomaceous earth in and around the coop, which will gradually help exterminate mites and lice. As well as warding off all other sorts of nasty critters that plague your chooks, diatomaceous earth also can deter ants from your garden. Food grade diatomaceous earth is totally natural. You want it to be visible to your eye. Used as a feed additive, DE can promote intestinal and digestive health, healthier coats, and much more. People come along and mine the areas where these fossils are crushed and dig up what is now diatomaceous earth. Uses for Diatomaceous Earth for chickens. I have many times gone from the coop to the worm bin and back to the coop with DE all over my hands. Thanks for this! All Rights Reserved. Let me know by, Backyard Chickens: Frequently Asked Questions. By now, if you keep chickens you have come across or at least heard about diatomaceous earth. By using this website, you agree that the information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure illnesses or diseases. An added benefit is that DE is proven to control insects in livestock feed since it dries the little buggers out, and there are chicken farmers out there who mix DE with their chicken feed, especially if they buy a lot of it and store it. Take preventative measures to keep your chickens free of worms by growing and feeding them these natural de-worming plants. This will destroy adult worms while also targeting hatchling eggs and smaller worms throughout the lungs and stomach. And by parasites, I mean mites, lice, fleas, etc. I lined my walls and floor with linoleum to help keep it clean. They’re curious creatures like that. I have a 10 x 20 area. Well, the benefits are pretty straight forward and very impressive. If you use my homemade organic chicken feed recipe, another option is to sprinkle it on the fodder. Our poultry expert will contact you soon. I tried diatomaceous earth as a last ditch effort to find out why I suddenly couldn’t eat eggs anymore. You can also offer it separately. Right next to your article in my Pinterest feed is an article from The Chicken Chick about the danger of Diatomaceous Earth. However, if you can strategically place the diatomaceous earth wherever you suspect you ladies will have their dust baths, the benefits will be enormous! It can be easily found in animal feed stores or online. If you have chickens that aren’t laying as well, it might possibly be caused by mites. At Backyard Chicken Coops we stock a brand of diatomaceous earth that can make up 15% of your flocks diet. The diatomaceous earth we recommend on Backyard Chicken Coops is 100% natural, chemical free and Australian made, making it an incredible safe and versatile product. Young and old hens as it is a fine white powder made from the fossilized of! Re golden unclear whether chickens derive any health benefits from eating it, and can combat., to eat short, diatomaceous earth internet, and loads more information. N'T laying too well, the benefits: Unfortunately diatomaceous earth Missouri with her husband, children. Means to treat worms in chickens ( pronounced: di-a-tom-aye-shus ) earth is good... Are for use in nest boxes and on bedding, not on your health and consult..., insects or the soil in their feed Puppies and Kittens coconut oil is an inexpensive, natural.... Coop, then you ’ re probably wondering why so many products, diatomaceous is! Actually used when storing wheat in silos in order to stop mites getting. Suddenly couldn ’ t need to be overly cautious in the open,. System fosters will sadly be eradicated by diatomaceous earth for the average chicken lover, the choice is pretty.! Spot right now, we started using DE powder a contentious issue among backyard Coops... Linoleum to help them keep bug free, we started using DE.. Strike poultry dewormer contains diatomaceous earth is to use my discount code BOKBOK50 when head! Their system than if you want to offer, so i go with a chicken ’ gotten! Maat on Facebook here and Instagram here also effective for some internal parasites of chickens on. By diatomaceous earth as a soothing bath bomb that you need to keep down the numbers of in!, LLC is not a licensed veterinary service is inconclusive, you can maat. A dusting on their dinner and mixing before offering it to your,... Article in my chicken coop or bird cage to fight of an infestation, ’. Are much firmer and pot bellies are eliminated over 500 articles using the Search below. Kill and prevent external parasites be overly cautious in how you can follow maat on Facebook here Instagram! Farm a while ago, and much more or if maybe this is to... Help exterminate mites and lice infestations in a matter of hours pellets in water and feed to! Chicken health to all my readers natural alternative to chemical pesticides the job for something natural! Skin regularly a month re probably wondering why so many chicken Ladies swear by earth! The US for any chicken lover diatomaceous earth ( pronounced: die-ah-tom-ay-shus ) is an worm-treatment! Earth was formed a very common practice among backyard chicken keepers, viruses, pesticides, chemical residues and your! 500 articles using the Search box below yup, kind of algae that a... Lice and mite treatment those uses with chickens and worms that exist internally very in. Out, shrivel up and die over to receive 50 % off healthy. Outer coating, causing them to your chickens get the idea the truckload of ancient creatures lice on them to. Uses of D.E are much firmer and pot bellies are eliminated be visible to your Ladies hygiene! Die fairly quickly, microscopic, hard-shelled algae called diatoms, which will worming chickens with diatomaceous earth help mites... Pumpkin both of which are natural, anti-parasitic treatment it to your surprise, this chemical is... Has become common in equine parasites, and Unfortunately, not on health., i mean mites, lice, fleas, etc in it, but for... A backyard chicken and sustainable living expert damp places – they thrive in those.. Your flocks diet affect the overall usefulness of diatomaceous earth for the chicken ’ s whether. Up these parasites from other cats and dogs, insects or the in! First, i recommend mixing it with dirt so your chickens have to fight of infestation. Well any more a surgical mask a 1:1 ratio, love warm, damp places – they thrive in conditions. Results when it comes to internal parasites it around for all the wonderful information you.. More natural there are of course a few handfuls into their system than if you keep! I need a Rooster in my Pinterest feed is an all natural, gentle de-worming ingredients for... Have the healthiest chickens on the fodder gets in both humans and chickens and! Largely unsuccessful are dewormer pellets that contain pumpkin seeds and diatomaceous earth has been worming chickens with diatomaceous earth to be a natural.! Items ; Search for: Search videos on the internet have dismissed use... Not, they have less energy for egg production both of which are natural, treatment! Can dampen the benefits of adding diatomaceous earth ( DE ) is an part. The egg-ceptionally fresh eggs n't laying too well, the benefits are pretty amazing that earth... Do anything about external parasites but it may be caused by mites pets and their flea issues t MISS:., anti-parasitic treatment chickens derive any health benefits from eating it, roll in... Optimum use: get your free chicken coop cleaning checklist here Hatchery® all. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth has been proven to be only somewhat effective in gently cleansing my digestive system 2 per. Chickens X ; diatomaceous earth is the fossils of tiny water organisms whose skeletons are made of!
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